[Episode1] Explain the cause of aging thoroughly and clearly (scheduled illustration)

I speculate that the majority of people who are investigating the cause of aging are already elderly. In other words, I would like to try to make a wonderful commentary that will welcome tomorrow with positive feelings without knowing the cause of aging. By the way, I'm sorry that it may be difficult to understand because there is no figure because it is still an illustration plan. It's important to stay in good-looking.

Causes of aging

I think that it is at time when I experienced it when a body did not move than I felt whether an appearance got old if most people may worry by aging either, how about? Actually, I think because one one aging process that I felt so "is the aging process that I appeared all on a correlation all the time" when a cause of the root-like aging is that what pursue anything is equal to philosophy.

There are four main causes of aging

Then I nitpick a cause for an example by "the aging of the appearance" at once.
The reason that I realized when an appearance aged is because a wrinkle and slack were formed on a face. It went down by the decrease in muscle, and the wrinkle and the slack have happened. The decrease in muscle is because a generation power of cell division and the protein has declined. It is caused by an endocrine drop that a generation power of the protein declined. With the internal secretion that is a hormone. The hormone greatly affects so-called menopausal disorders in the guys who are often said to be a male hormone and female sex hormone roughly.

This is the explanation of the preceding paragraph. Generally I intended to put approximately two main causes of the aging. It is thought that I might be satisfied enough even if it is to here and is over, but continues it because I declare it when it is plain thoroughly, and I explain it.

It is Wake affecting the drop of the hormone namely the physical functional decline, but the big things and small things of the everyday stress to receive in work and home or a school because I boil this hormone the durability of the heart and increase and decrease are concerned with progress of the aging in a considerable ratio. In addition, it is a cause of the skin roughness already even if a difference appears for the digestion of the meal as for the stress to give enteral Flora that is intestinal bacteria abnormality and is constipated. If it performs a net search to die of constipation for an urban legend, I should be able to notice it when it is true news. In other words the bad food of the digestion puts a burden on a body simply.

By the way, constipation is a thing when one to survive so that it is not constipated because it may be a signature of colon cancer is fixed so that it is said.

It is the explanation of about three this nails. Well, it is explained the fourth last.

When the environmental stress caused a function of immunity and an endocrine drop and did not make muscle, and a wrinkle and slack increased, I explained it.
Furthermore, damage accumulated to the body was intake ② oxidation ③ saccharification of the ① harm heavy metal. This accumulation damage system feels that there seems to be no influence in a wrinkle and slack, but thinks whether I should control it if it is possible because the continuation helps it and affects the body of we me. I can control increase speed mainly because it is a thing collecting by the eating habits and ultraviolet rays if conscious.

Summary of causes of aging

Because I of the amateur who was not a doctor asserted that the core was reliable with a hormone even if I made anything, it was remarkable at aging speed and or might fight gently if I could control a hormone. ※I am not a doctor

And, as for the cause of the aging, "an internal secretion drop and balance are abnormal" as "mental stress" "disorder of the balance of the enteral bacteria", body functional decline as the "oxidation" "saccharification" "accumulation of the toxic substance including the harmful metal", environmental stress as accumulation stress from the outside when easily explain it to objection; "immunity functional decline and balance abnormality" "and a various thing are connected with each other, and, from the "gene damage" "functional decline of a body tissue and the cell ," is connected for aging such as the diseases such as a cancer and diabetes or the lifestyle-related disease, an appearance and the physical functional decline and life".